The Roles of Women in Fintech - What Are The Consequences & Advantages?

December 30, 2017 | Lucy Cottle, Conference Producer

This third instalment of Spotlight on Diversity Champions features an exclusive Q&A with Marieke Flament, an esteemed tech leader and MD of the European expansion of the payments app, Circle. She shares her thoughts on working for a Fintech and the importance of gender...

Diversity in Banking - What is it Like for Non-Binary People in a Culture that Struggles to Embrace Women?

December 19, 2017 | Lucy Cottle, Conference Producer

Our second instalment of the Spotlight on Diversity Champions blog series is with Pips Bunce. She shares her insight on coming out within a corporate world and the importance of remaining true to yourself.

Spotlight on Diversity Champions in Banking

‘Spotlight on Diversity Champions’ will provide Q&A pieces from diversity champions, thought pieces on the current state of the industry and commentary articles from women working in the industry.